Here you will find all the information you need to complete all of those offers

I have combined all 4 of my guides on this site into this one short, straight to the point, (no fluff no filler) guide detailing all the important aspects of earning money efficiently on a GPT site that will help anyone, new or experienced with these types of websites.  This is so that if you need help with anything you can quickly find it all on this one page, also check out the forum if you have any other questions/suggestions.  Well that's it for the introduction to the new page, onto the guide!.

With all of the different types of offers having different procedures for each in order to get them to credit,
you will definately need some helpful advice.  Alot of the offers will be very confusing when you first attempt
them and you may be wondering to yourself...

"How in the heck do I get to the results page?  This is too confusing for me I don't think I can do this!"

This page is here to show you that all of these offers can be completed in about 5 - 10 minutes each,
and are infact very easy to complete once you know the proper procedures for each one.
I myself was having a very hard time figuring out what to do and was wondering why I couldn't seem to do them,
until I found these videos showing me exactly what I had to do in order to complete these offers succesfully!

Part 1 - Short video tutorials that will show you the exact steps you need to complete most offers succesfully
Part 2 - Some important things that you need to know when completing offers and what you should avoid
Part 3 - Reinvesting the money that you have earned to build your downline and earn money while you sleep

* PART 1 *

Short video tutorials that will show you the exact steps you need to complete most offers succesfully

Here is a list of various video tutorials showing you the exact steps to completing many of the different types of offers that GPT sites have available.
On the different GPT sites the offers may have a slightly different name or requirement but all of the offers are actually very similar!

It is suggested that you use Roboform to complete offers as well, it will save you alot of time & typing.
What it does is automatically fill out forms for you, like your name & address, username etc. when signing up to any site.

As you can see by how short each instructional video is, most offers will take less than 5 minutes to complete after you know how to do them.

These videos will show you how to
Complete the "2 or more offers required" in the offer itself
Complete the "CPA wall" which is near the end of some offers
Complete the "Double opt-in" requirement
Reach the "Quiz results page" on Quiz type offers
Complete the "Download Offer" requirements

Consumer Expression Offers - 2:54
Ever Save Offers - 2:30
Next Day Rewards Offers - 7:10
Prize Werks Offers - 1:28
Think Fast Offers - 6:37
Your Gift Zone Offers - 3:20
ZZZ Quiz Offers - 4:50
Quiz Jungle Offers - 3:38
Absolute Rewards Offers - 4:10
Better Gifts Offers - 3:46
Blazing Rewards Offers - 7:00
Bread N Milk Offers - 3:59
My Rewards Vault Offers - 3:39
E-Research Center Offers - 4:55
Survey This Offers - 3:57
Play Sushi & Game Vance Offers - 3:28

There are also some important things that you must do every time you attempt to complete a new offer

Enable cookies
Disable pop-up blockers
Clear cookies between every offer
Be sure to let every page & window load fully/completely
Always use a new & valid email address for each offer
Check the Inbox of your newly created E-mail and comfirm any activation/comfirmation E-mails

When completing alot of these offers they will ask for your E-Mail address, this has to be a new E-mail address every time which will have to be a real address.
You can create a new address and then log into it just to check it for any comfirmation E-mails you may have received.
Once you have done this then you can create another one and use it to complete another offer.

Just use these free sites to create your new & valid E-Mail addresses required each time you want to complete an offer

GMX Mail - Free Email Service
Windows Live Hotmail - Free Email Service
AIM Mail - Free Email Service
Yahoo! Mail - Free Email Service - Free Email Service - Free Email Service
FastMail Guest Account - Free Email Service - Free Email Service
Lavabit - Free Email Service
Gmail - Free Email Service

* PART 2 *

Some important things that you need to know when completing offers and what you should avoid

Tip 1:

Daily Surveys - You Can Complete These Once Every 24 Hours, Check Out Our Video Tutorials On Completing These
Most of these sites have more then one "Daily Survey" or "Daily Offer" which can be completed once every 24 hours, these can be worth anywhere from $0.20 - $1.00 each.  It is highly recommended that you complete these every day that you log on to earn some easy cash as they are 100% free to do!

Tip 2:

Advertiser Offers - You Can Complete Each Unique Offer Only Once Per Site
There are many offers worth $0.05 - $1.00 each that require you to signup to a site, comfirm your email, then complete the requirements put by the advertiser which aren't that hard to complete. 

This Email actually has to be your real E-mail address, so you won't have to create a new one to complete these offers.
When signing up to a new site through these offers make sure that you have the correct referral in the referral box otherwise it won't count.
When completing these offers that require you to signup to a Paid To Click website make sure that you click the required amount of ads before submitting the offer.  Likewise if you are signing up to a Get Paid To website make sure that the offer that you complete actually credits before submitting.
If you signed up and attempted to complete an offer on the required GPT site and it doesn't get approved, then your offer will most likely be denied.
This also means that you won't be able to complete the same offer ever again because you're already signed up, and you won't get the $0.10 - $1.00.

(You can only have one account per household)

It is a good idea to make sure that if you signup through these offers you always make sure that the offer you done as a requirement actually approves.
I always attempt an offer or two and then check  the next day and if they haven't credited I attempt another one and then submit it.
This usually works for me as with 2 - 3 offers attempted at least one should get approved.
If you liked the new GPT site that you just signed up to then you can continue to use it as another site to complete offers on, i'm sure the advertiser appreciates it!

Tip 3:

Purchase / Trial Offers - These May Require A Credit Card Or Cell Phone Number
Avoid these offers!

These offers will never give you any profit, most of these offers will lock in your cash for 30 days, meaning that you will have to accept the purchase after the free trial is done!  Also skip any short quizzes that ask for your cell phone number you should read the bottom quickly, these offers will charge your cell phone every week to every month and the charges will add up quickly!

Tip 4:

Build Your Downline - You Will Earn 5% - 50% Of What Your Downline Earns
In your members panel you will find "Refer A Member" , click here to find your referral link, give this out to anyone you think would be interested in joining these programs as your downline.
You will earn a percentage of their earnings instantly whenever they earn something, plus they get to keep all their own earnings!
This can be anywhere from 5% - 50% of what they earn depending on what the site says. 
If you get them to signup to a site giving you 50% of their earnings, then they go and earn $10.00, you get $5.00, your referral gets $10.00 no questions asked!  This is updated instantly as they complete offers, so the more cash that your referrals earn, the more you earn!

Tip 5:

Points - These Can Be Exchanged For Cash Or Prizes
Most of these sites have a "Point Converter" , you can use this feature to turn your points into cash!
The usual rate is 1 Point = $0.01
Some of these sites allow you to exchange your points for other items such as pre-paid visa cards, gift cards, Cameras, Even PS3's!
So you should treat points just as if they were cash, since they can be redeemed for cash & prizes!

Tip 6:

Contests - These Sites Give Away Tons Of Free Cash For Being Active
Most of these sites have a contests section, you should try to plan ahead and win these contests whenever they are available!
Some of the most popular sites give away well over $500 to its members every month, work hard and these cash prizes will be yours!
Check out the "Contests / Promotions" section on these sites to see how well you are doing, they are updated instantly!

* PART 3 *

Reinvesting the money that you have earned to build your downline and earn money while you sleep

Video #1:  Building your downline on any GPT site, the initial investment
Video #2: "Building your downline on any GPT site, after the second week
(Will be posted soon, editing and then uploading tomorrow!)

Be sure to change the settings from 360p - 480p on the video if needed, it is alot easier to read!

Here is one of my favorite features of GPT sites, getting members into your downline earns you lots of extra money if you do it right!
I will show you how you can use the cash that you earned to purchase referrals, which in return will earn you a percent of their earnings.
This section of the guide will show you how to use the advertising options on these GPT sites to your advantage and
what sites are suggested to earn you the most bang for your buck =) !

This will start to earn you a little bit of extra money, but after your first 100 referrals the money will start pouring in!

You may use any of the GPT sites to advertise and send referrals to but through much trial & error,
and a thorough look through all of the various GPT sites out there I found these ones to be the very best to use.

These sites have the most reasonable advertising packages out there, alot of active members who complete offers,
and best of all have the option to use the money from your account balance to purchase the advertising!

I highly suggest using the $0.25 per signup because it is pretty cheap to purchase.  People will be more inclined to do a $0.25 offer
over a $0.05 or $0.10 offer, plus you will still be able to make a nice profit from it as each member signs up under you.

$0.25 goes to the person completing the offer, a % goes to the people that referred them,
and the rest goes to the site owner to keep the sites up and running

10 Signups at $0.25 each
Cave Of Wonder - $4.75
Leopard Loot - $5.00
GPT Cashcow - $5.00
Click Or Signup - $5.29

15 Signups at $0.25 each
The Dollar Pit - $5.00
SunnySideCash - $5.00

You can get that $5.00 by completing about 10 - 20 offers depending on how much they pay. 
You could earn it on any GPT site and withdraw the funds then purchase it through paypal, but it's alot cheaper
and quicker to just earn it directly on the site and then purchase the advertising with the funds on your balance.

Where to send these referrals to?

Well you could send them to a site which is holding a referral contest and hope to win one of the top prizes, but this is never a sure thing.
If you referred them to a site which has a low earning % like 5% - 15% of their earnings that is in my opinion a waste of advertising,
5% - 15% isn't alot once the contest is done and over with even if you did manage to win.

There are actually sites that pay you $1.00 for each person you refer, plus a % of what they earn when they complete offers.
There are also sites that give you a whopping 50% of your referral earnings, these are the two sites you should send your referrals to!

Option One
Sites offering $1.00 for every new active referral, plus the money you earn from them completing the offers.
These sites are ideal because it costs you $0.50 or less for each referral that you purchased.
 You earn $1.00, plus $0.10 - $0.25 for their initial completed offers, theres your invested $0.50 back doubled plus some extra.

Squishy Cash
Earn an extra $1.00 when your referral completes his first offer, ongoing promotion

These two might be hosting this again they did the last 3 months, I'll leave them up here until the 5th if they aren't holding them I'll remove them
Sunnyside Cash
Earn an extra $1.00 when your referral completes $0.50 or 50 points worth of offers, promotion ends October 31st
Earn an extra $1.00 when your referral completes $0.50 or 50 points worth of offers, promotion ends October 31st

Option Two
Sites offering high referral earning percentages
When they signup to the site and complete offers you earn a good percentage of cash from their work
.If your referral signed up to a site and it has a 50% rate then when they earn their first $1.00 you covered the costs.

Then you will keep on getting paid for every offer that they complete for as long as they use the site, it can add up quick!

There is always the chance they might just complete one offer earning you about $0.12 and then never complete another offer.

However for the people who do continue to use the site it will pay-off very well,  how hard was it for you to earn your first $1.00?
Very easy once you knew what you were doing, their first $1.00 earned payed the $0.50 it cost you to refer them,
then for every $1.00 that they earn after that there is another $0.50 to refer another person!

Dollar Click Or Signup - Earn 50% of your referrals earnings
Leopard Loot - Earn 50% of your referrals earnings
Hill Billy Dollars - Earn 50% of your referrals earnings

Once you have earned enough to purchase more advertising either by completing more offers and / or getting money from your referrals,
you can continue to build your downline and see your money grow overnight!