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Update -
December 01 / 2010

It is a new month, with new offers, new contests, new prizes, and more opportunities to get some extra christmas cash from your favorite GPT sites!
Good luck on completing offers and competing in those contests!

Update -
November 04 / 2010

Well the new video regarding getting referrals with PTSU Ads is nearing completion and just needs to be edited and then I'll have it posted tomorrow.
I also plan to test another method to get referrals in the near future which seems to be working even better then purchasing PTSU ads.
When I purchased all those ads on LeopardLoot I also won 2nd place in their purchase contest, and won a great prize!
I bought $25.00 worth of Ads from them, and got in return their best account upgrade worth $25.50, which also gets me free referrals for life!

Snow Leopard Upgrade
Free Referrals!
You will have 20x the chance to have your account be the referral of those members who have no referral.
Receive a 6% discount off any item purchased through our Shopping Cart.
This upgrade will never expire.

Since getting this upgrade I have gotten 2 referrals in only 2 days, and one has already completed 5 offers which is a great start.
I will definately be looking further into this by purchasing upgrades on various sites in the future,
I don't even have to worry about approving or denying them, the referrals come to me automatically!

With the prize I got a great Ads Package as well, $40.00 worth of Banner Ads (400,000 Banner Impressions),
and 2 months of Side Panel Ads valued at $24.00

That's a great start to the month for me, Spent $25.00 last month on this site by purchasing ads, and got in return
from one of their contests about $89.50 worth of additional Ads & Account Upgrades for free!

Plus the fact that I got double the ads during their promotion when I purchased them I Spent $25.00, got $50.00 worth of ads.

I Spent $25.00 and got $139.50 worth of stuff, That's a $114.50 prize in my opinion...

Thank you Leopard Loot Admin for the amazing prize !

- Update -
November 02 / 2010

It is a new month which means a new start for contests, good luck to everyone in winning those prizes!
Added a new page where I will archive all the news when a new month comes around, this will clean up this page a bit.

- Update -
October 28 / 2010

Well there hasn't really been enough happening this first week of investing so I have decided to wait another week to make a progress vid.
I did get about 20 referrals but they haven't done a whole lot so the video wouldn't be showing much.
Even if there isn't alot of progress next week I will definately make an amazing video to make up for this weeks no vid.
On a side note I won $15.00 in a purchase contest, spent $25, got tons of ads, and I am getting $15 back yay for contests =)!

- Update -
October 20 / 2010

So the commentary didn't go so well either my microphone isn't very good or Windows Movie Maker doesn't record narrations very well.
Anyways I put some music with it since my initial plan didn't seem to work out and it is now in the process of being uploaded.

You can find it here "Building your downline on any GPT site, the initial investment"
Be sure to change the settings from 360p - 480p on the video if needed, it is alot easier to read!

Please feel free to give it a thumbs up, rate it, and comment on it if you liked it.
I will be following up next week to see the progress of this and give you some advice about
setting requirements for your ads, approving signups, and denying signups.

- Update -
October 20 / 2010

All of the $80 that I had on hand has been invested and I have recorded the whole thing.
I just need to add a few finishing touches and add the commentary to the video, then I will be uploading it to youtube!

The video is right now 9:20 of me purchasing referrals through the advertising section of some of my favorite GPT sites,
showing the entire process, suggested sites, as well as proof of payments.

Once this has been uploaded I will be making a new video every week showing my progress in building my downline.
I am hoping that this will encourage everyone to follow my steps to earning extra cash through GPT!

- Update -
October 19 / 2010

Well I haven't quite gotten the full $100 that I was expecting to get for this demonstration of re-investing,
I have about 100 people who regularly use this site and about 20 new people everyday.
However whenever I get a new referral coming from here they just signup and maybe click the PTC ads
but rarely complete any offers.

You guys need to start completing some offers they are really easy to do & pay anywhere from $0.05 - $1.00 for 5 - 10 minutes of work.
If you are confused and lost then check out the Video tutorials that I have put on here in the "How To Complete Offers & Build Your Downline" section.

These videos are there to help you start earning some cash yourselves, earning you much more then simply clicking on the PTC ads.
I know that alot of you do come from PTC sites and it might be a habit to just do those because it's easy for you, but offers are worth more.

You can only click on a certain amount of PTC ads per site per day, limiting how much you could earn to about $0.03 - $0.10 a day.
Why you people limit yourselves to that when you could earn more then that with just 1 offer is unknown to me but you still do this lol.

Well anyway I am going to re-invest $80.00 that I have earned completing offers and track the progress of how well this goes.
I will be putting up videos to track this as well on my Youtube Channel which I will be posting once I put up my first video.

- Update -
October 15 / 2010

Combined the 4 guides I had into one short, straight to the point, no fluff no filler guide.
Improved each part of this guide with new video tutorials and some new information that you may find useful.
Removed alot of text that wasn't really necessary in the guides to shorten it drastically.
Combined alot of the pages of the site into 4 easy to navigate pages, shortened down from 12 different pages!

I will be working on a demonstration to show how well my method of building your downline really works.
I am going to reinvest about $100 into buying advertising, getting some demonstration referrals,
recording what the outcome is for 1 month.
Then I am going to reinvest $100 into buying advertising again but using a slightly different method,
then show you the results for each with payment proofs to show it really works, how great is that!

- Update -
October 14 / 2010

Well this site is much easier to navigate and work with now in my opinion, not so much guess work in finding the right site for you.
All of my top 5 sites allow you to withdraw once you earn your first $1.00 or more, which can easily be reached within first day.
All of the other sites mentioned in the "Building your downline" section either have great advertising packages or referral bonuses.
Re-investing the money you earn back into these sites to buy signups can easily more then double your money if used correctly.
Earn your first $5.00 completing offers, purchase 10 Signups with that $5.00, and turn it into $10.00!
Re-invest that $10.00 to purchase 20 Signups and turn it into $20.00, how is it this easy?
Each signup costs you $0.50 to purchase on one site, then another site gives you $1.00 for each new referral, simple method to double your money!
Also I am going to be adding a new tutorial/guide soon which deals with "Top 10 things to avoid when dealing with GPT sites" , so stay tuned!

- Update -
October 11 / 2010

Everything has been updated and changed around to make it alot easier to focus on what you came here to do, earn money.
I reduced the amount of sites on here because of some of their high minimum withdrawal limits,
not alot of offers to do on some of them, low referral earnings, and lack of contests/promotions being held.
This will also be alot easier for me to manage and keep this site up to date as well.
Also check out the short guide on how to build your downline which is up top on the navigation bar.
This shows you one my my favorite methods to getting referrals and building my downline!

- Update -
October 11 / 2010

Yesterday I worked on changing up the site making it easier to use for future use, focusing on a few of the better GPT sites. 
I have went through all of the GPT sites listed here previously and determined which sites would be worth the most time using. 
All of the top 5 GPT sites have a low minimum withdrawal limit of $1.00,
which means you will be able to withdraw after your first few offers have been credited.
Today I am going to be working on the new section which will show you how to re-invest your earned money to get some referrals of your own!

- Update -
October 10 / 2010

Sorry everyone I was moving into my new place and didn't really get around to updating the contests section like I had wanted to but bear with me,
Over the next week I will be doing so by adding at least one new section which deals with getting your own referrals and building your downline quicker!
I will also get everything that hasn't been updated up to date and then focusing on whatever else I feel could be changed to improve the site.
These changes will be updated all at the same time so expect to see everything changed around shortly.
Have a good day everyone and I hope that this site has at least been of some use to all of you so far and I hope to keep on improving it =) !

- Update -
October 1 / 2010

The Contests / Promotions section will be updated around the 3rd of October once these sites have all posted that they are having them!
It is a good idea to start completing some offers now though as they will count when they are officially announced!

- Update -
September 2 / 2010

The Contests / Promotions section has been 90% updated, I will complete the other 10% tomorrow!

- Update -
September 1 / 2010

I have completely updated the PTC Contests section & the Referral Contest section today,
I will be getting as far as I can in updating the other contest sections today as well & should be completely done tomorrow!

- Update -
August 31 / 2010

I am just going to wait until tomorrow to update the contests because some of them haven't been comfirmed,
I don't want to be posting contests that aren't really there so I want to be sure they are all happening this month!

- Update -
August 30 / 2010

Made some changes to the site and am getting the contests section ready for a new month,
Check the Contests / Promotions section for more information!

- Update -

August 29 / 2010

We didn't really update alot on the site the past few days, instead we were focusing alot more on advertising to get more members to this site!

- Update -

August 27 / 2010

We have changed things around again, this site is really starting to piece together and is looking better every day!
New chat box so that you can ask any questions you may have and chat with other people who use this site!
We have been changing the site around and adding all information that we believe would benefit anyone using it,
but we would like some of your suggestions & feedback if you got the time leave a comment or suggestion in the chat box!

- Update -
August 26 / 2010
We have added a short guide that will show you everything you need to know when completing Surveys & Quizzes!
Never have troubles completing these offer again and start earning more!
In this guide we have video tutorials!

- Update -
August 25 / 2010

We have just added a Contests / Promotions section to our site!
Here you can quickly check on new contests / promotions that these sites are holding!
Some of the best sites give out over $1,000 / month to its most active members through these contests / promotions!

- Update -
August 24 / 2010

We have our own Profile & Group on FaceBook!  Here you can ask us any questions you may have, give us suggestions, or share your own experiences with these sites!
Our Profile On FaceBook / Our Group On FaceBook
Catch us on Twitter! Our Twitter Profile
Email Us Or Catch Us On MSN As Well!

- Update - (August 19 / 2010)
We have added more paying sites, meaning more offers to complete!